PHP and Ajax

…And after a few weeks I managed to do my «first» web app, which actually does the following using Altec’s Atlantis tables:

* Connects to an Oracle Database  (next step is to connect to an SQL SERVER db)

* Searches for customers using code, name, occupation category, geographical category or salesman

* Shows customer’s data

* By using AJAX shows financial data of the selected customer for specific year

* Searched for items using code, name, or category

* Shows item’s data

* By using AJAX shows financial data of the selected item for specific year.

Some screenshots can be seen below


Thessaloniki Github Drinkup

Yesterday I was in the Thessaloniki Github Drinkup (it’s not the official name but whatever). Talked to a couple of people there (a really good friend of mine, and also, one of the best programmers I’ve ever worked with), and a crazy englishman that works for Github. And after all the talking and drinking I realized, that working for software companies in Greece, is nothing like working for software companies abroad. Suddenly I realized that all the great things you hear and read about the freedom for creativity a programmer has, are like E.T.: just fiction.